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Hello, my name is Darin Sidwell. The most important person in my life is Lisa Sidwell. We have raised two of the most amazing children you could ever meet. (Hayley and Will) When they are not in school or their community events you will probably run into them on occasion on the phone or helping on a project. I left my other job in November 2014 thinking about how and what to do next? So, when I started this endeavor in December 2014, I was honestly hoping for something great to come along. I have been through this before and starting a business is so tough and it takes a lot of money to get it up and truly going. I only had a few bucks put away. I started to pray and read what to do for the next few months. I was doing odd jobs and told myself if this doesn't happen by Spring, I am going to have to take advantage of the Summer and make some money. Over the next six months as I was deciding what to do? I told myself that if we do this and make it about serving everyone else it should take care of itself. My intention because the last few employers I worked for was all about them. Not that they were not about the customer but more about them. I said that we will make it about the employees and the community. If we take care of the employees, they will take care and we can provide great service! Next how do we do this We gradually started to grow, and things took off. It was so amazing to watch the growth. We have such a great group of employees over the past few years. Well of course we had a few characters as well. In October 2018 I had a horrific motorcycle accident. With the next few months being foggy these boys stepped up to the plate and did the best along with a few others. (The boys I am referring too, are Jordan and Brett Brown. They are brothers and have been with us since our 2nd year. So what Lisa and I decided is that we could not do this by myself. We need to get an entire company with employees like these two boys.) So we have deciding to work on making this a employee owned company. If everyone participating owns a piece of what they are working for, it may go further than just being an employer. We are so excited to serve our community and what to thank you all so much for helping us grow. We cant wait for the next 5 years to see the even better transformation.
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